This blog is about projects while I was taking 16 week web developer coding boot camp at JobTrain from April 06 to July 24, 2015. I had 2 reasons why I took this course: One was I wanted to create my portfolio site from scratch, not using WordPress, and the other one was I wanted to learn about agile development and scrum so that I could collaborate with web developers and engineers. I had so much fun, and I’m passionate about web development now. I will definitely continue learning programming languages like python, Ruby and more. This website is my last project and here are the other 5 projects I enjoyed learning and creating during the 16-week boot camp. I hope it encourage more people who is interested in coding to start getting their hands into it.

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My First Website

April 10

Vintage Kitchen

April 17

My JavaScript Playground

May 15

My Road Trip Map

May 29

June 24